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Today, Apple has partnered with other financial services organizations that facilitate purchasing their products on credit. This means that buying an Imac on credit is possible. There is also an option of waiting when Apple releases a new generation of products in the line of Imacs. This automatically brings about the marking down of the last generation. However, this option can make you wait for eternity before a new generation product is released. There are other several methods of purchasing such as second hand purchases which will automatically be cheaper than the new or unopened.

Your catalogue will in many cases help you identify financial services providers who will assist you in acquiring your Imac on credit by granting you soft loans. It must be noted however that the ownership of the Imac will remain with the financial service provider until you pay the last coin of your installments. While purchasing from your local catalogues, it is important that you check out the ones that offer Imacs on credit. After you are satisfied with the option available, you get the other smaller details from sales people in the catalogues. These catalogues on electricals from catalogues stocking Imac are: Argos with a price range of £999, Woolworths with a price range of £1,399 among other catalogues.
It is also possible to use your credit card but this has a major disadvantage of having the interest being doubled in that you pay for your credit from the credit card company with interest on the amount already factored with interest by the catalogues selling you the Imac on credit. This is not always practical for everyone because it is not everyone that has a credit card. As such, having a credit extension from the catalogue itself could be the best option. For students, there is the option of getting some piecework from the catalogues selling you the Imac on credit and service the loan from your salary proceeds.