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Need a New iPod? Get it on Finance!

If you are in the market for a new iPod, don’t go to the Apple store where you will have to pay full price upfront. Take advantage of Littlewoods great deals on electricals and buy your iPod on finance. Littlewoods allows you to buy now and pay later, so that your current financial situation doesn’t affect your ability to purchase the new products you want.

ipod touch

Littlewoods gives you 10% off your first credit order and if your order is over £50.00, you won’t have to pay anything for 12 months. And even if you cannot pay off your iPod after a year, Littlewoods allows you to spread the cost even more so that you can pay it off on a schedule that is best for you. You can buy your iPod now, and not worry about paying it off for another year.
Littlewoods has all of the different iPod options from the £49.00 iPod Shuffle 2Gb to the newest 32Gb iPod Touch, which is normally £319.00 but on sale for £249.00, a great deal. No matter what you are looking for in your iPod in terms of price, size and features, Littlewoods can offer an iPod that works for you.